Real Market Insights

We live and breath the stock market. It’s our entire lives and we’re complete news junkies, devouring WSJ, FT, and Bloomberg. But as thorough as these publications can be, they lack the trader point of view. As traders, we focus our reporting on the catalysts that actually move markets, not analysis and pontification for the sake of it.



We publish news and analysis from a trader’s perspective. Provide the catalysts, analysis, and context that traders need to answer the question of “is there a trade here?” We don’t provide trade ideas or recommendations, but we just report the data that matters to traders.

How We Work

Our Approach

identify catalysts

What is actually moving the market? We have no appetite for random stats. We identify the catalysts that are moving markets, or will move markets in the future.

Provide Analysis

What are the implications of this catalyst? Is it part of a broader trend? Is there a trade to be made? Is the market overreacting or underreacting to this news?

Provide Context

How does this catalyst play into current market sentiment? Is the industry at an inflection point? Who is driving the order flow? 

Our Team

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Parker Collins