Best Trading Podcasts – These 5 Will Bring You to the Moon

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I’m one of those weirdos who has AirPods in his ears 24/7, always screaming, “WHAT’D YOU SAY?” when people try to talk to me. Insufferable, yeah. But it’s a fair tradeoff because I listen to hundreds of hours of audiobooks and podcasts on trading, investing, and finance every year. That sounds like a humble brag, but for real, if you’re doing the dishes, shopping, or working out, you may try to learn while you do it.

Great trading podcasts are pretty hard to find. Plenty of decent podcasts have the same 20 decent guests and talk about risk management, risk/reward, cutting losses, and the same old stuff you read in all the best-seller trading books. 

These are necessary, and it’s great to listen to them here and there. Really, there’s nothing wrong with them. But at some point, you’ve heard the same principles thousands of times, and you’re sitting there wondering if anyone has anything new to say.

So I’ve hunted high and low over the last several years and found several podcasts that I hold dearly to my heart. Without further ado, here are the best five trading podcasts.

Why So Many Trading Podcasts Kinda Suck

As a result of my audio snobbery, I’ve learned about ALL of the good finance podcasts. And what’s interesting is that most of the really big ones aren’t that great. You see, once a podcast becomes a “business” (no hate, if you’re into trading, how can you hate on someone trying to make a buck), you HAVE to post a podcast every day/week because you’ve signed deals with sponsors. You’ve hired editors, audio engineers, marketers, etc., who demand payment regardless if you put out an episode.

And sometimes there isn’t a compelling guest to interview, nothing crazy happens in the market, and maybe you just have nothing to say. So you’re forced to rehash the same old basic trading topics like psychology, risk/reward, etc. 

I don’t mean to sound cynical. Most of these popular podcasts are fine listens. It’s just that some smaller hosts are more hungry and driven more by a love of trading than business obligations.

Anyways, enough rambling. Let’s get into things.

Chat With Traders

Chat With Traders Podcast Logo

Chat With Traders is the exception to the “big podcasts get boring over time” rule. This interview podcast not only manages to source some of the hardest-to-reach or under-the-radar guests but also gets the most out of those guests.

Aaron Fifield, who started the podcast and has since let Tessa Dao and Ian Cox take the reins (they also do a great job), has this ability to put guests completely at ease. Maybe it’s his laid-back New Zealand vibe, but he can make any guest shine, even the more abrasive guys you wouldn’t expect to interview well.

I think the podcast’s success owes to the fact that it shoots for quality over quantity. You might see one or two new monthly episodes, but they’re always fresh. Recently, the show had Moritz Seibert on, who detailed a very niche arbitrage strategy he used to trade in illiquid European structured products. You just don’t get this stuff from your average podcast.

While my favorite guests tend to be guys that have found an odd niche in the corner of the market, the show has had some very famous guests as well. Names like Blair Hull, Sam Bankman-Fried, Doug Cifu of Virtu, and Ed Thorp come to mind.

My favorite episodes:

The Market Huddle

The Market Huddle Podcast Logo

The Market Huddle is a laid-back podcast about global macro trading hosted by two Canadian buds, Kevin Muir and Patrick Ceresena. They start the show talking about what beer they’re drinking, speak to a guest for about 40 minutes, and finish the final hour by chatting about what’s happening in markets.

The show has a few fun segments, including “Skin in the Game,” where they make prop bets on market prices. The winner has to buy the other a steak dinner or a case of beer.

Firstly, they are traders. Their time frame tends to be in weeks and months, however. But the stuff they talk about directly applies to even the shortest-term traders. While some shorter-term day traders might not see the immediate value in listening to these guys, it’s a tremendous value add.

As a trader, technical or otherwise, you’re looking for catalysts that will create supply/demand imbalances. In other words, you’re looking for assets with a reason to move. The Market Huddle is constantly highlighting the key market themes driving order flow in markets. For instance, throughout 2021 and 2022, the podcast talked about oil. The supply constraints that stop new production from coming online, the logistical nightmare of Europe sourcing refined oil products outside of Russia, etc. 

All of these macro factors trickle down and have dramatic effects on stocks most exposed to those factors.

Plus, they have Harris “Kuppy” Kupperman on every month for “Kuppy’s Corner,” which, in my view, is the best 30-60 minutes in finance content every month. Kuppy’s ability to pinpoint inflection points is uncanny, and his hedge fund’s returns show it.

Favorite Episodes:

The Friendly Bear Podcast

The Friendly Bear Podcast Logo

The Friendly Bear is hosted by a guy who shorts parabolic microcaps. His strategy is super profitable but extremely risky. I’ve seen a lot of guys carried out by the market when trading this way so I give him massive respect because all signs point to him being great at executing this.

What I love about Friendly Bear is that he interviews tons of no-name day traders. Mostly his friends on Twitter, who maybe have a few hundred followers. Very few of these guys have courses, newsletters, or chat rooms to peddle. Frequently they’re anonymous and don’t play the brand-building game.

So you get honest insight from guys who have figured things out independently. For instance, I really enjoyed his interview with a guy named Arius.

Additionally, Friendly Bear will also just interview anyone interesting. I’ve heard him interview a guy who managed a mutual fund during the Go-Go Years in the 1960s. He interviewed a guy to talk about the Chinese Balloons, as well as activist short sellers.

He also does periodic trade reviews, highlighting how these pump-and-dump stocks dilute shareholders.

Favorite Episodes:

NO BULL: Market Talk With George Noble

NO BULL: Market Talk With George Noble Podcast Logo

No Bull is just an excellent podcast format. It starts with one guest with a primary theme to present and often has slides and charts to accompany it. It then moves on to my favorite part, the roundtable. 

Very actionable stuff. 

The show’s listeners are a tight-knit group with their own insights to share. Each guest might hop on for five minutes and share some insights they see in the market and which trades they’re making.

They also let listeners ask questions. And because the show is hosted on Twitter Spaces, question-askers can actually hop on and have a dialogue with the show.

I don’t have a favorite episode because it’s such a timely format, each episode loses its utility within a few weeks. 

Listen to the show here.

Stock Market Stories

Stock Market Stories Podcast Logo

Stock Market Stories is a show with a lot of potential, but as of writing, there are only six episodes released since 2019. However, the show recently started producing episodes again in late 2022. Still, it remains to be seen if the show will publish anything in 2023.

The show aims to spotlight traders who make money in out-of-the-mainstream ways. The six guests run an exciting range of disciplines, from a “nihilist” day trader who follows few rules, to a political gambler, to an event-driven hedge fund guy.

I’d love to see the show produce some new episodes soon.

Favorite Episodes:

Honorable Mentions

I failed to mention plenty of other great podcasts, so I’ll give them a quick honorable mention.

  • Flirting With Models: this one is run by a quant named Corey Hoffstein. Always a solid listen.
  • According To Sources: this one is amazing, run by a great ex-First New York trader Michael Samuels, but hasn’t posted since 2019. Talks about merger arbitrage and the larger M&A world.
  • RCM Alternatives: this show has on a lot of the big names in the volatility trading social media community. Lots of interesting insights on markets from a different perspective.


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